ServiceNow Connector

Application: ServiceNow
Published By: AutomationEdge
The app connector provides a plugin which can be activated at ServiceNow end. This plugin installs a set of customised tables which are used to connect ServiceNow Catalogue request with AutomationEdge Bot server. The connector provides a mechanism to carry out one to one mapping between service catalogue variable fields with that of AutomationEdge workflows.


Request A Bot


Additional information


1. Process Studio 5.0.0 and above, AutomationEdge 5.0.0 onwards 2. Privileges to access Active Directory Server.
3. PowerShell version 5 and above.
4. To run AD steps PowerShell setup with Active Directory Modules must be done.
5. Please click this link 'PowerShell Setup – Active Directory’ for updating PowerShell Version and Active Directory module installation.


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