Automatic Ticket Classification


Application: AI
Published By: AutomationEdge
Ticket classification in ITSM tools or any other support tools is one of the most repetitive, mundane and time consuming task in any organisation. This ready bot provides users with the capability of AI Powered ticket classification. With AutomationEdge’s Automatic Ticket Classification bot, this can be completely automated. The bot works completely offline and uses Artificial Intelligence to get this done. This makes your support desk much more efficient and boosts turn around time reduction for closure of the tickets

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1. Process Studio 5.0.0 and above, AutomationEdge 5.0.0 onwards 2. Privileges to access Active Directory Server. 3. PowerShell version 5 and above. 4. To run AD steps PowerShell setup with Active Directory Modules must be done. 5. Please click this link 'PowerShell Setup – Active Directory? for updating PowerShell Version and Active Directory module installation.